A New Business Model Course – Business Model Innovation

Terrence Brown - Business Model Innovation

Terrence Brown - Business Model Innovation

I will be teaching a new course called – Business Model Innovation. It will start in mid October.  The design is not finished, although I have been giving it a lot of thought during the summer. One thing is certain. It will be largely based on the so called – new thinking – in startup world. This means it will include the latest thinking on actually creating business models from people like Alexander Osterwalder, Steven Blank, Eric Ries and others including me. I have been sharing most of these same ideas with my students at SSES and KTH for years. Now they have gained additional legitimacy.

More on the Business Model Innovation course as it develops.

Take a look at this presentation from a workshop  given by Alex and Steve on Design & Testing Business Models.

Talk with Steve Blank at true ventures from Alexander Osterwalder


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