My Journal is finally available – Yippee!!

I founded and academic journal which focuses on creating value. It is published by Inderscience and is called – The International Journal of Business Venturing.

The journal’s name relates to the Harvard Business School’s understanding of “The Entrepreneurial Venture” (Sahlmann/Stevenson/Roberts/Bhidé), i.e. the concept of entrepreneurship not only being limited to new ventures and start-ups, but being further understood as the concentration of opportunity, growth and value creation regardless of company size, age or kind.

IJEV accordingly proposes and fosters discussion on the organisational processes surrounding the concepts of opportunity, growth and value creation. Because the exploitation of opportunities, the subsequent growth of organisations around these opportunities and the value created by both processes are so vital to the creation and redistribution of societal wealth, the development and the dissemination of more systematic knowledge are required.

Whilst some preliminary and traditional efforts in this direction have been taken, IJEV is open to new, creative and innovative research approaches, designs and methods. In an attempt to bridge the gap between entrepreneurship research and practice, it emphasises the implications of this new knowledge for researchers, managers, public policy makers and business educators.

You can read the entire first issue online here.

You can also pick up the promotional flyer here. Competition in the academic journal arena is as competitive as any market, so we need need your help in getting the word out.

Also we need quality submissions. If you think you are up to it, you can read the author details here.

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