Rejected twice in one day

McGraw Hill, the biggest and baddest business book publisher in the world, was very interested in my book. It has been a hard struggle, because I live in Europe. In the enlighten publishing world I may as well live on Mars. No well-known agent would rep me and no big publisher will touch me.

Finally, I was able to find representation and an open minded business book acquisition editor at McGraw Hill. The editor wanted me and took the book to the editorial board.

The book went up this week to the editorial board and was rejected by the marketing geniuses because they did not think they could sell enough copies with me being on Mars . . I mean in Europe.

In my agent’s email in which I received this news I also learned that she was dropping as well, because she does not think she can sell me despite the quality of the work.

So what will I do next? I have beginnings of a plan. Stay tuned!

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