What is Winning Ugly?

Most companies (and people) want to win looking good. Huh? For example, let’s assume that all the numbers work out and there is a tremendous business opportunity in the market – in the garbage disposal market. How many companies or people would jump at that opportunity or one equally as good in the septic tank installation, cleaning and maintenance business? The fact is that most business and people would much rather be in more glamorous industry, one that they can be proud of and one that allows them to hold their head up high. As a result, the market for business opportunities is not exactly perfect (efficient). This means that there are business opportunities that have enormous possibility for above normal or super profits; those go unexploited.

Occasionally you come across special companies. For them creating value by exploit opportunities is what drives them. They do care if they do not look good. They would much rather win ugly. Winning ugly is succeed or winning by with regard to the more superficial things such as press image, fleeting public sentiment, opinion polls, trends, etc. As long as they are succeeding (creating value) and are not doing anything illegal or immoral, they are proud and can hold up their heads high.
These special businesses are willing to let the other firms have the adulation and the glory, so long as they create value for the owners and customers. For them image is not everything, value is (almost).

If you find examples of these companies, let me know.

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